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    312161 - Kids N Company Level 1

    This class is designed to familiarize children between the ages of 6 months and approximately 2 years with the water and teach swimming readiness skills. A responsible adult who is comfortable in the water must accompany each child to every class.

    The purpose of this class is to provide a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for the participants. This class will provide instruction to help children to adjust to the water with a trusted adult and to develop skills towards independence. The intent of this class is not to ?drown-proof? children or to teach them to swim independent of an adult.

    Kids-N-Company uses both the group environment for a social aspect, as well as individual time to work on skills at each child?s individual level. The participants will be taught skills that can be developed into swim skills.

    *Face to Face Positions: Hug, Chin Support, Shoulder support on Front
    *Back to Chest Position: Cuddle
    *Side to Side Positions: Hip Straddle, Shoulder Support on Side
    *Water Entry: Lifting in, Walking in
    *Exploring the pool: Out of water exploration, In water exploration
    *Water Exit: Lifting out, Walking out, Using a ladder
    *Blowing bubbles on the surface
    *Blowing Bubbles with mouth and nose submerged
    *Submerged mouth, nose and eyes
    *Front Glide
    *Back Glide
    *Back Float
    *Rolling over back to front
    *Rolling over front to back
    *Passing from instructor to parent
    *Leg Action on front
    *Leg action on back
    *Rolling over back to front
    *Rolling over front to back

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionFeesAgesDatesDaysTimesLocation      Fee Icon      Location Icon      Details Icon
    Read Notice312161-21Kids N Co. L1 Tues.$35/$456 months to under 3 years01/04/11- 02/22/11Tu 1:00P- 1:30PHuman ServicesFee DetailsLocation DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice312161-31KNC Hybrid L1/2 Wed$50/$606 months to 4 years01/08/20- 02/26/20W12:00P- 12:30PHuman ServicesFee DetailsLocation DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice312161-41Kids N Co. L1 Thurs.$50/$606 months to under 3 years01/10/19- 02/28/19Th 6:15P- 6:45PHuman ServicesFee DetailsLocation DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice312161-61Kids N Co. L1 Sat$50/$606 months to under 3 years01/11/20- 02/29/20Sa12:00P- 12:30PHuman ServicesFee DetailsLocation DetailsItem Details
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